Virginia Truffles sells oak seedlings inoculated with T. melanosporum on order.  We currently offer two varieties of oak trees, Quercus ilex (Holly or Holm Oak), and Quercus robur (English or Common Oak). We are experimenting with other oak varieties including the Bur Oak and a cold-hardy subspecies of the Holly Oak.

Our tree nursery is operated under strict quarantine and hygiene conditions to ensure a high standard of quality control.  We use only rigorously designed and tested techniques.  Our nursery is registered with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) and will operate within their guidelines to ensure the quality and health of our trees.

Trees are sold on order and are grown for a period of approximately twelve months before release to our customers.  This allows for achievement of mycorrhization.  This lengthy process is in place to make sure that once the trees leave our nursery we know they have the best chance of success!

Seedlings inoculated with T. melanosporum are available at:

1-9 trees
$30 each plus applicable tax & shipping
10-99 trees
$25 each plus applicable tax & shipping
100-299 trees
$23 each plus applicable tax & shipping
300-999 trees
$20 each plus applicable tax & shipping
1,000 trees or more, please call to discuss

We require a minimum 4 tree order for pickup or 10 tree minimum on orders to be shipped. Sometimes we do have trees available for sale without prior order.

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