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North American Truffle Growers' Association

As the years have passed the number of visitors and our workload have increased. The pressure on our time has shot up accordingly. We now find that we must put in place a fee of $50.00 for these initial visits. Any paying visitor who subsequently orders 50 trees or more will have the $50.00 fee applied to their order.

Seedling Report

We're experimenting with cover crops. We've sown barley in part of our truffiere, shown below. We've also put alfalfa in part of our grove to improve our nitrogen levels.  We'll test the soil in the fall to see if the amendments made an improvement.

The soil tests this fall told us that the alfalfa improved the nitrogen significantly.We'll be planting more in the spring. It also looks nice and doesn't grow tall!

Initial Consultation and Truffiere Visit Fee

We will have English Oak (Quercus robur) and the variety commonly known as the 'upright oak' (Quercus robur fastigiata) ready for planting and a limited number of Holly Oak (Quercus ilex).  We are experimenting with Bur and Chinquapin oaks as well.   

We are taking orders for seedlings to-be-planted in spring  and fall 2018.

DNA Analysis

We encourage all growers and prospective growers to join NATGA.

See NATGA at www.trufflegrowers.com.

We have all truffles in our seedling innoculum DNA tested to ensure that our trees harbor Tuber melanosporum and only Tuber melanosporum. We continue to pursue the most up to date research and methods on truffle cultivation for practical application.

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